Welcome to Derby Lake!

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Free One Day Event

Saturday, October 23rd 9:00AM - 12:00PM (Noon)

Location: Crystal Township Fire Barn, 8356 Colby Rd, Crystal, MI


Oil Based Paint and Solvents - Aerosol Cans Electronics - All Kinds

Corrosives (Acids / Bases) Latex Paint

Pesticides Herbicides Oxidizers + Pool Chemicals Explosives + Flares + Fireworks

Automotive Fluids (Oil, Antifreeze, Etc) Weapons Radioactive Waste

Mercury Industrial + Commercial Waste

Propane Cylinders must be empty < 30 lbs DEA-Controlled Narcotics

Batteries Compressed Gas Cylinders (non-propane)

Fluorescent Lamps + PCB Light Ballast General Trash

Fire Extinguishers Construction Debris & Recycling Yard Waste

Smoke Detectors Tires

Biomedical Sharps (In Rigid Containers) Appliances + White Goods. Microwaves + Air Conditioners


Household Cleaners. Drain Cleaners

Soaps Gasoline

Medications not original containers (No narcotics)

Derby Lake 4th of July 2021